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Power Tower Book Update #3

And...the writing is officially done!

I made one minor change from the original plan, scrapping chapter 9 on opposition literature and critiques of resistance training, opting instead for a special chapter on tips, tricks, and inventions that I believe are specific to our program here at Liberty. In the end, I figured if people were reading the book, they most likely already believed in the benefits of resistance training, and while a chapter on dissenting views would have been fun to explore, I thought the tips, tricks, and inventions section would provide a greater benefit to the reader. Having said as much, I do mention the opposition leaders and literature; I recommend the reader explore said opposition for their own good and well being. 

The book is a monster of sorts, with more than 60,000 words and some 215 pages of writing, and I have yet to add illustrations. It took some 6 months to write, and I am still on track for a September 1st launch date. From now until then I will be revising, editing, revising, and editing a bit more, while also taking pictures of the various techniques described as quite a few illustrations will make their way into the final edition. 

To recap, the book contains:  

Foreward by Power Tower manufacturer Sam VanCura 
Author's Preface 
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Power Tower or Power Rack?
Chapter 3: Pure Power
Chapter 4: Power Endurance
Chapter 5: Drilling
Chapter 6: Kicking
Chapter 7: PostActivation Potentiation
Chapter 8: Other Forms of Resistance Training 
Chapter 9: Tips, Tricks, Inventions
Chapter 10: Conclusion 


I should note: While the book is geared more toward sprint training, it is not all sprint based, and coaches looking into power training for any stroke and distance will find useful information on how to incorporate resistance/power training into their programs.  

I am exited for September!  



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