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A Look Back

We are coming up on 9 months of articles on the blog, and for my 20th article I thought it would be neat to go back through the archives and list the top 5 articles by total views. An Ad for the Ages comes in at number one, followed by two swimming articles, and then two on personal productivity. An Ad for the Ages was by far the most popular article on the site, with 500 more views than the second highest, an article that defends college swimming for elite student-athletes coming out of high school. 

Below I have listed the top 5, with a description of each article. Enjoy! 


  1. An Ad for the Ages
  • An Ad for the Ages features a 10 minute short film advertisement from Swiss luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe. The advertisement pulls deeply at the heartstrings of men worldwide, hitting on such topics as values, legacy, character, wisdom, wealth, and purpose.  
  1. In Defense of Yards
  • In Defense of Yards highlights the many benefits of college swimming for elite high school recruits. There has been much talk lately about the international performances of U.S. swimmers and the concept that swimming in yards hurts us on the international level, and I refute those points here. 
  1. My top 5 Drills for Sprint Freestyle 
  • In this article I list what I believe are the top 5 drills for sprint freestylers, and provide video demonstrations of the various drills.   
  1. Pick Six 
  • Pick Six highlights the six things I do everyday to foster personal growth and personal productivity. I have settled on these six final habits after many years of varying routines. 
  1. Personal Productivity Part II
  • In Part II of my personal productivity system I go in-depth into my habits and routines to get the most out of each day, with a focus on maintaining a detailed to-do list and narrowing down on the most important things I can do to provide the most value and the most success for Liberty Swimming & Diving. 


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