My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine

If you have spent time studying the lives of successful people both past and present, the morning routine is a familiar concept. For a multitude of reasons I will address below, the morning routine helps to fuel desire, motivation, and in turn success in those who embrace this ancient process. I highly recommend a morning routine for everyone, and this is one of the life lessons I teach our women on the swimming & diving team here at Liberty. If only I had someone to show me the benefits when I was a collegiate swimmer some 10 years ago! 

Just a few of the many benefits a dedicated morning route provides: 

  • Reduces morning decision fatigue, saving valuable brain resources 
  • Prepares the mind/body/soul for the day
  • Allows one to start the day stress free and in control
  • Provides a sense of have already completed several tasks and have improved yourself in the first hour after rising 
  • Allows you time to work your daily habits if you so choose
  • The results are cumulative and provide a drastic long term benefit 

My morning routine is short, to the point, and highly disciplined. This is as much out of necessity as it is desire. As a swimming coach my day starts earlier than most, with 6:30 AM workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday leaving me little time for a long morning ritual; I do value my sleep tremendously! While I would prefer a longer routine with more moving parts, after much calculation I have determined the extra sleep has a much greater positive impact on my productivity and creativity throughout the day. My morning routine is geared towards my brain and body specifically, as I need these two areas operating at a high level by the 6:30 AM practice time. 

Monday through Friday 

  1. 5:00 AM: Rise
  2. 5:00 - 5:02: Brush teeth
  3. 5:02 - 5:10: Shower & dry 
  4. 5:10 - 5:15: Inversion table 
  5. 5:15 - 5:20: Stretch & pull-ups
  6. 5:20 - 5:25: Dress for the day (clothes laid out the night before)
  7. 5:25 - 5:40: Make lemon water, Bulletproof Coffee , and eggs
  8. 5:40 - 5:45: Miscellaneous (watch, keys, cuff links, pen, briefcase, etc.)
  9. 5:45 AM: Leave for office
  10. 6:00 AM: Arrive at office awake, refreshed, highly motivated, and ready for the day

I follow this same routine on Saturday and Sunday as well, however I do change the rise time depending on the plans for the day. Saturday morning swim practices start later, 8:00 AM, and a 7:00 AM office arrival requires a 6:00 AM rise. Sunday church service starts later still, 10:00 AM; however I tend not to sleep past 7:00 as I enjoy writing before church and planning out the coming week in advance. 

Some questions you might have: 

Why the Inversion Table? 

The past fifteen+ years of heavy strength training have done a number on my hips, knees, and back, and the Inversion Table provides an incredible stretch and rejuvenation after the usual morning stiffness. 

Why the lemon water AND Bulletproof Coffee? 

After (hopefully) 8+ hours of sleep with no water, a glass of lemon water with turmeric helps to energize the body and prepare the brain for the day. After much experimentation I have found that I feel noticeably better with the turmeric lemon water than without. We always keep the fridge stocked with lemons! 

Bulletproof Coffee is what it is...the single best coffee recipe I've ever tried, and a huge boost to cognition and energy to start the day.  

Two issues of note: 

  • I do not list each item on my daily to-do list; rather my first to-do list item is simply 5:00 - 5:45: Morning Routine. 
  • I will occasionally substitute push-ups in place of the pull-ups, but not often as the pull-ups help stretch out my back/hips as well. 


I trust you enjoyed my morning routine and would love to hear about your rituals in the comments section below. If you do not yet have a morning routine, my hope is that this article will inspire you to develop said routine ASAP,. Ask your friends or family members that have a routine...perhaps consult the biographies of the great men and women of history...a dedicated morning of daily habits is nearly ubiquitous across greatness, and should you desire greatness for yourself, you would be wise to heed the counsel of giants! 



This article was brought to you via a standing desk!





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