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Welcome to @JakeShell! We feature swim camps, a swim school, various products, and articles about life, sport, productivity, faith, purpose, success, and more!

The Official Launch of @JakeShell

It is time.  It is actually well past time.  I have written several blog posts in the past for other sites, and after much thought I have decided to branch off start my own blog/podcast.  A brave new world... Topics will include, but will not be limited to, swimming, sport in general, manhood, relationships, neuroscience, diet, lifestyle, health, fitness, strength training, cognitive studies in general, business, finance, religion, politics, and categories as of yet unknown.  In short, this will be a blog about life, with the goal of inspiring you to reach your full potential in all areas of said life.  

I share many life lessons and ideas with the student-athletes that I coach, and I thought it a worthwhile endeavor to log, categorize, and share these thoughts with the masses.  



Jake Shellenberger


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