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Welcome to @JakeShell! We feature swim camps, a swim school, various products, and articles about life, sport, productivity, faith, purpose, success, and more!

Below are some of my favorite products for increased energy, productivity, and overall Excellence in life. I write about many of these items and use them personally. It is rare to find me without my fountain pen, Moleskine journal, iPad Pro with Logi CREATE Keyboard, and plenty of Bulletproof coffee. Yes, I do make a small commission from each sale below; thank you in advance for your support!  


Kimera Koffee

This is my coffee of choice. I make it Bulletproof Style with Coffee Booster grass-fed ghee and coconut oil.

Grass-Fed Ghee with Coconut Oil for Bulletproof Style Coffee

This is the best two in one Ghee/Coconut Oil combination I've found. As an added bonus, Coffee Booster features raw cacao as well. 

iPad Pro 

The ultimate writing machine when combined with the Logi CREATE Keyboard. The majority of the articles on this site and my recently released book on power training for swimming were written on my iPad Pro. 

Logi CREATE Keyboard 

A true tech workhorse. With backlit keys, a sturdy case, and pairing via Apple's Smart Connector, there is no writing task too large or too long for this keyboard! 


No introduction needed...simply one of the best journals available on the market today. As an added benefit, this specific edition comes with three free months of Evernote Premium. 

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

Another favorite coffee additive is Dave Asprey's Brain Octane Coconut Oil, a great source of all day energy from high quality fats. 

Contigo Coffee Mug

In my humble opinion...the best coffee mug on the market! It is rare to see me without my Contigo! In 16 and 20 ounce versions. 

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